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Init Freedom Init Freedom Campaign Init Freedom is about restoring a sane approach to PID1 that respects portability, diversity and freedom of choice. Alternate Init Systems The following init systems are either available or being considered for inclusion in Devuan: openrc (available since ASCII) runit (available since Beowulf) sinit s6 66-devuan (no link) shepherd GNU/Linux Distributions offering alternate inits The GNU/Linux distributions mentioned here support init options that are portable, compatible, small, fast, and secure. antiX: sysvinit and runit Artix: openrc, runit and s6 Devuan: sysvinit (default), openrc, runit. Please test sinit and 66-devuan Dragora: sysvinit + perp Gentoo: openrc (see Gentoo without systemd) Guix: shepherd Hyperbola: openrc KNOPPIX: knoppix-autoconfig MX Linux: sysvinit (default), systemd Obarun: s6 supervision suite Parabola: openrc, sysvinit, s6, systemd (default) PCLinuxOS: sysvinit Slackware: sysvinit Stali: sinit Void Linux: runit The most current

Detox on Social Media? What about starting a new life? (Part II)

Today, I want to write about the ways of communication. We all know that Social Messenger Apps  create pressure and a necessity to reply to messages directly. If you don't reply directly, people think that you are unfriendly and ignore them. Patience in our time is more important than ever. Most people are busy and they don't have time. Not listening to their friends, kids and colleagues. Not taking time for a break. Not enjoying the small aspects in life.   Instead they all want to do this in a superfical way. Do we really want to interact with them? However, the keystone of communication is to find a balance. There is no need to reply always. Your friends, relatives, colleagues or other peeps don't have the right to rule over your life, decisions and way of communication. Do we only have the way to chat via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Co. ? NO! If people only have WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, they can ask which other ways of communication exis

The way I fucked Debian and Devuan, cause they are bitches!

 What do Debian and Devuan in common?  They proclaim to be a community open for all and to ensure diversity as well respecting  and tolerating different opinions!  Debian has a Social Contract and on their website you can read the Debian philosophy. While reading all these shiny sentences, you may think  that all Debian peeps are open-minded and they are able to discuss with arguments! Arguments and discussions - everybody should have the capability to discuss in a serious way and not start whining like Debian and Devuan peeps are doing. If you are asking questions, which are not liked - you get be quiet or directly banned on their IRC channels, Telegram groups etc.  Banning or setting people quiet asking and answering with arguments and telling facts is abuse and misunderstanding of the social contract.  Let me say that several people have experienced negative situations in Debian and Devuan because they have replied with facts!!!! OH FACTS!? WHAT ARE FACTS? Sorry for using facts Dear

Detox on Social Media? What about starting a new life? (Part I)

Time is passing  quickly after writing  my first intro about Detoxing Social Media.  For me this is a beginning of a journey and new adventure.  Why is this a new adventure? Well, it is a a change of your life and time of reflecting your personal life.  Do Social Media apps give us more as they promote in their ads?  If we watch such ads of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and Co. carefully, hopefully we realize these apps create an artifical world to provide toxic life and habits.   In my opinion Social Media Apps should be limited to its usage. For sure,  we can communicate and stay in contac much more easier than  20-30 years before. It is good to chat or do video calls with friends and relatives living far away. Nevertheless, the society gets dump and stupid by using and living in this fake world.  Yes, Social Media are more fake and is the devil in person. Many people either youths nor elderly are obsessed of postings, selfies. For them are positive likes important and they a

Detox on Social Media? What about starting a new life? (Intro)

The society in the 21st century is living in a challenging world. Events, pandemics, wars, climate changes, social inequality or even the behaviour of humans with themselves. Since Social Medias may have an important aspect in our daily life, we tend only to focus and check postings on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat etc. We expect to have positive comments on our posts and pictures. Negative ones are not the way to go for humans.  Let us ask ourselves - What is the first thing you after you awake?  Relaxing? Enjoying the time to wake up? Hugging your beloved one? Snoozing your clock? OR TAKING YOUR SMARTPHONE AND CHECK ALL THE NOTIFICATIONS, CHATS AND POST?! EXACTLY! Most of us are checking news, chats and posts on their smartphone. They're many ways to take over and detox social media. It's like you're doing a cold turkey.  First, do a check list, which social media apps you have on your smartphone. Do you need a smartwatch? Second, delete most of them! Third, estab

Twitter survey about Telegram Apps - be part!

Take part on the Twitter survey about your personal Telegram apps!   Why do you use it?  Leave comment!   Here's the link: Telegram survey       

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